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Frequently Asked Questions

  • LR - Landscape Ready - plants are well rooted but not up to specified plant size for that plant variety and container size.  During summer and fall plants may have been cut back and are waiting for new flush of growth.
  • RR - Retail Ready - plant is full size, may have buds and flowers, but not in full bloom.
  • BBL - Bud & Bloom - Plants are in full color and great for quick sales

Yes but we still need at least 48 hour notice to have material brought to the loading dock from our multiple field locations.

Many of our deliveries have material on carts and the driver will bring the carts to the end of the truck, or lower them on a lift gate if the truck is equipped with one. Customers are required to unload the carts and bring the empty carts back to the truck so the driver can load them. Any loose material will be brought to the tailgate by the driver.

Freight is calculated based on the amount of space your order takes up and the percentage in reference to the other orders on the truck.  These rates are calculated at the time of shipping, but we can provide estimates prior to that if you need the information.

300 gallons or roughly $1500 order is required for the busy season.  Later in the year, we can ship smaller orders but there will be a minimum freight charge for smaller orders.

We only sell to landscapers and garden centers. Homeowners can use our "Find a local garden center" search to find a garden center near them to purchase our plants.

We offer 3 tier quantity discounts for each line item based on the quantity shipped on each order.  We also have term discount levels after your first year of purchasing based on the previous year sales starting with sales over $10,000