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Cedrus atlantica Glauca

Blue Atlas Cedar

  • »  Stately, memorable plant
  • »  Shimmering deep blue needles
  • »  Formal, open-looking tree
  • »  Fast-growing
  • »  Specimen

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It's singular, it's colorful, it stately, and, above all, it's memorable. Blue Atlas Cedar, as it matures, is one of those plants that thrills the horticulturalist as much as the rawest of home gardeners. Its shimmering, deep blue, whorled needles may have something to do with that as they cling tightly in round bunches along stiff, angularly upright branches. These branches form an open, somewhat stiff, wide pyramid of a tree that is formal, yet open looking and very striking. It's a quick growing specimen that loves full sun, needs wind protection in the northern most reaches of its range, and a lot of room as it will become the plant that will define your landscape.

Foliage Color
Maintenance and Care
Drought Tolerant
Low Maintenance
Season of Interest (Flowering)
Full Sun
Soil Moisture
Average Water
Growing & Maintenance Tips for Cedrus atlantica 'Glauca'

Loves full sun. Needs wind protection in northern areas, and space to grow.