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Carex vulpinoidea

Fox Sedge

  • »  Forms lovely mounds of arching, glossy foliage
  • »  Grows in moist to wet soils in full to part sun
  • »  In late summer, seed heads become a pleasing deep brown
  • »  The seeds are relished by many ground feeding birds
  • »  Unpalatable to deer and other herbivores
  • »  Perfect for erosion control and rain gardens

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This beautiful sedge is one of the most widespread species of carex in North America. The common name comes from the seed heads that mature in late summer and resemble fox tails. The arching, glossy foliage is especially attractive grown in large groups. They are perfect for moist soil, erosion control and rain gardens. Birds will eat the seed but deer tend not to eat this plant. They are even resistant to black walnuts.