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Viburnum dentatum var. deamii Glitters & Glows™

Glitters & Glows Arrowwood

  • »  Attracts birds
  • »  Deer resistant

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Get both viburnums in one liner! No need to grow two different crops, or maintain stock at retail - Glitter & Glows™ combines a cutting of All That Glitters® and All That Glows® viburnums in a single quart pot, eliminating the need to pant two separate varieties to ensure pollination. Sourcing pollinators for viburnums is easily one of the biggest pain points we hear from consumers, we're pleased to offer this simple solution that makes life easier for everyone

Growing & Maintenance Tips for Viburnum dentatum var. deamii 'Glitters & Glows™'

Adaptable to all soils except very wet sites.

Blooms on old wood. However, pruning after bloom will remove the potential for fruit to set. As such, its best to avoid pruning except selective removal of branches as needed.

Mixed borders; wildlife gardens; foundation plantings; hedges; screening.

No need to worry about growing two different crops. Glitters & Glows™ eliminates the need of planting two separate varieties to ensure pollination.