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Rhus aromatica Gro-Low

Gro-Low Fragrant Sumac

  • »  Totally non-poisonous groundcover
  • »  Fragrant yellow flowers bloom in April followed by red fruit
  • »  Flowers are a nectar source for adult butterflies
  • »  Stunning fall colors of red, yellow and orange
  • »  Colonizes to form thickets, even in poor soil
  • »  Erosion control
  • »  Fast and low growing
  • »  Drought tolerant once established
  • »  The berries are relished by birds
  • »  Deer and frost tolerant

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Low-growing and fast spreading, this plant is a perfect low groundcover for banks, groupings, and poor soil areas. Fragrant yellow flowers bloom in April followed by red, pubescent fruit. Showy orange-red fall color. Beautiful fall color with fast compact growth makes an excellent groundcover, perfect for erosion control and steep banks. Deer tolerant, Frost tolerant.

Fall Color
Maintenance and Care
Drought Tolerant
Attracts Wildlife
Attracts Butterflies
Critter Resistance
Deer Resistant
Flower Color
Season of Interest (Flowering)
Full Sun
Partial Shade
Ground Cover
Growing & Maintenance Tips for Rhus aromatica 'Gro-Low'

Prefers average, dry to medium, well-drained soil in full sun to part shade. Tolerant of wide range of soils except those that are poorly drained. In late winter, remove all dead, diseased or damaged branches.