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Hydrangea arborescens FlowerFull™ ('BAlful')

FlowerFull™ Smooth Hydrangea: Patent PPAF

  • »  Exclusive Availability - Only from Prides Corner for the summer of 2024
  • »  White blooms cover the plant in summer
  • »  Strong stems stay upright, even in rain and wind
  • »  Leaves are disease-resistant and remain clean during the season
  • »  Abundant blooms start white and slowly age to green

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FlowerFull™ Smooth Hydrangea from First Editions® boasts superior genetics that produces significantly bolder blooms and sturdier upright stems. With two-to-three times more blooms per season than other Hydrangea arborescens, FlowerFull™ is a major improvement to the industry standard. That proliferation of blooms is held high on strong stems that don’t flop in the wind and rain. And FlowerFull™ is disease-resistant and requires fewer touchpoints from day one. Reaching heights of three to four feet, this low-maintenance marvel makes for an outstanding focal point in smaller landscapes and commercial settings alike.

Growing & Maintenance Tips for Hydrangea arborescens FlowerFull™

Grows best in average to medium moisture, well-drained soil in part shade although it is quite adaptable to different soil types except for very dry. Tolerates more sun in the northern part of its range. Blooms on new wood so you may cut it back in late winter to 1-2’ or to a third of the height to keep the shrub looking young and vigorous.