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Cornus X Aurora® ('Rutban')

Aurora White Flowering Dogwood: Patent PP7,205

  • »  Cornus florida x Cornus kousa hybrid
  • »  Vigorous upright habit
  • »  3-5" bracts
  • »  Nice purple fall color
  • »  In the Stellar series from Rutgers University
  • »  Resistance to anthracnose and dogwood borer

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A member of the Stellar Series that came to us by way of Rutgers University, Aurora is a cross between Cornus florida and Cornus kousa that brings the best of both parents to a single plant. 'Aurora' promises resistance to borers and dogwood anthracnose while exhibiting a flower show that falls between the timing of the two parents bloom time, starting in mid-May. Its bloom is, in a word, magnificent with large, greenish-white bracts that open far larger than either parent and transition to a creamy white. The flower production is so heavy the foliage will almost disappear providing a cloud-like appearance in the landscape that is a sight to behold!

Growing & Maintenance Tips for Cornus X 'Aurora®'

 Aurora grows well in full sun or partial shade and is perfect late spring specimen for any yard.