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Asparagus Purple Passion

Purple Passion Asparagus

  • »  Thicker spears than green asparagus
  • »  Beautiful burgundy-purple color
  • »  Great when eaten raw or cooked
  • »  Distinct flavor
  • »  Higher sugar content than other asparagus
  • »  Tender spears with less waste

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Grow the Asparagus with the difference! That difference is color and flavor and it will make one of the best treats of the garden, fresh Asparagus, even better! 'Purple Passion' will start sending its thick spears through the soil in late April as the ground warms. You'll notice two things immediately: The spears seem thicker than green Asparagus and you'll rub your eyes at its outlandish deep burgundy-purple color! As spears elongate, you can cut them at ground level to harvest and then you'll have a choice to make. Will you eat them raw and take advantage of the sugar content that is 20% higher than that of green Asparagus or will you steam them and revel in their mild, nutty flavor even as they lose their purple color when cooking? Either choice is a delicious one! 'Purple Passion' is easy to grow and will last in the garden for years acting as a perennial that dies to the ground in winter. When you plant, do not harvest the first year and only lightly harvest the second to give this garden treat the chance to establish so it will keep on giving for years to come.

Growing & Maintenance Tips for Asparagus 'Purple Passion'

Plant in full to part sun in average, well-drained soil. Let the plant grow the first year, lightly harvest the second year, and by the third year you'll be ready to enjoy the flavor and great health benefits for years to come!  Harvest asparagus by snapping 7"-9" spears with tight tips, for about eight weeks. Light water requirements once established.