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Let's Talk About Garden Roses

Roses are one of the most sought after groups of plants at any garden center. Garden Roses offer homeowners a colorful shrub with long lasting color all season. Many are fragrant and make excellent cut flowers. They require full sun and additional watering until they become established in the landscape.

Let's Talk About Garden Roses

Let's Talk About Garden Roses

Hybrid Tea Garden Roses

Distinctive and singular, this is the true cutting Rose with a huge, single bud held aloft on a long, straight stem. Hybrid Tea plants tend to be tall, narrow and upright along with possessing their elegant, timeless blooms!

Floribunda Garden Roses

Flower buds on Floribunda Roses are arranged in bunches that open to create a mass of smaller flowers with significant but lower petal counts than Hybrid Tea Roses or Grandiflora Roses. Floribundas create a mass of landscape color and tend to be more compact plants than Hybrid Teas or Grandifloras.

Grandiflora Garden Roses

The best way to describe this type of Garden Rose would be as a combination of the characteristics of Hybrid Tea Roses and Floribunda Roses. Stems on Grandifloras are long like Hybrid Teas with buds arranged in bunches like Floribundas. Flowers also tend to be larger with a higher petal count like Hybrid Tea flowers resulting in a tremendous display of. blooms that are super impressive when cut and placed in a vase.

Grafted Roses vs Own Root

Typically, many roses are grafted because they do not root well or perform as well on their own from cuttings. When grafted to a more robust root stock, these same roses that have difficulty rooting on their own tend to be stronger and more floriferous. Grafted roses are not as winter hardy as own root roses and can be damaged in cold northern climates.

Own root roses are created from a rooted cutting and are not grafted on another root stock. Own root roses are the same plant on the top and bottom. Own root roses, once established in the landscape, tend to be hardier, able to handle stress better, and overall be a healthier plant than most grafted roses especially in cooler climates.

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